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we have been co-sleeping in our bed with our baby and a this point it is clear that the co-sleeper is just taking up space as she wants to be right next to us, have one hand touching one of us at least, and can easily crawl out of it...she almost fell out of bed a few nights ago, so we are planning to get rid of the frame and put our mattress on the can be a little snug with the three of us so we are thinking of putting another small mattress next to it...should we get a mattress that will later fit a kids bed for when she moves to her own bed? any advice on how to make this a safe arrangement and mattress recommendations? also, how to make sure room is safe if someday she actually can nap and/or night sleep without being on us or next to us the whole time?
What have you done to set up your family bed with an active crawler?
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