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Need advice on finding a new doctor

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First, I should say that I am inherently distrustful of the medical profession. Other than my kids' ped., I have never felt entirely comfortable with a doctor-but I would like to change that.

I have been going to my current doctor for maybe 7 years. I liked her at first, but am now very unhappy there. Usually now I only ever see the nurse practitioner, and I don't seem to have a great rapport with her. I don't think she is very good-doesn't ask me very many questions & I am not comfortable with her findings-I feel rushed when I am there & do not trust that she is examining the situation as fully as it warrants (i.e., I think I have a thyroid problem, and I think she thinks I am just nuts). I do not feel comfortable asking her questions-partly because I am so rushed-I either have a babysitter waiting, or else a squirmy 4 year old with me who is ready to melt down.

In addition, I have to wait 1 hour - 1-1/2 hours minimum when I go (even if I have made an appointment weeks in advance). Everyone in the waiting room (sick and well together) is complaining. There are always drug reps there & they have no problem getting through the doors that seem to elude the patients.

So, the upshot it, I want to find a new doctor! I have a list I can choose from (insurance) but don't know where to begin. What kind of docotr--internist, family Practitioner? Do I just start calling them, asking questions? What do I ask? I want to make a good choice this time & avoid the pitfalls of my current situation. I want someone that I am comfortable with on all levels.

Any suggestions of what to ask, how to go about this, etc?

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Telephone interviews might be a good way. When we decided not to vaccinate that's what we did. And we found a good ped - although we never need him.
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