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Need advice on smooth move across town w/ toddler

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We're moving next week from our cramped apartment to a more spacious and better-located (at least for those of us in the house who commute by bus) neighborhood.

Any suggestions for how I can make the transition as smooth as possible for DD? She's 20 mo. Her sitter is right around the corner from the new place, which will eliminate our morning bus ride together, as well as our afternoon bus her routine is going to change somewhat, along with our home environment.
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We have moved several times in the past 3+ years. I just told ds that we were moving to a house w/more room and new friends. Keep out a few of her favorite toys so there is familiarity while you settle. Ds adjusted well. The last one was a little tough b/c he's at the age where change is harder but we moved closer to family and that helped. Sounds like it's a positive move. Good for you!
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