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Need Advice on weaning 28mo

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I nursed my first until 26 months, and this one I see no signs of quitting. But I started a PhD and well, this is just kicking my big mama butt... I get no sleep at all! She wiggles, and keeps switching back and forth alllll niiiiight long! I'm cranky the next day, can't concentrate. I just can't keep on living like this anymore!

My first was into juice and milk and anything liquid so it was easy. but this one will only occasionally have icy water. She's so demanding and independent but with nursing she wont budge. I ran out of ideas. Here's what I've tried so far:

I say "we'll have some later" or "you're not a baby any more, you're a big girl and ready for juice!"
Tried rice milk, and she threw up after soy milk (we have a feeling she's allergic to soy after other soy coincidences)
She doesn't use a pacifier but uses me as one at night
Daddy...poor guy does his best. I'm seriously thinking spending the night with my oldest for a few days until she sleeps the night, but I feel bad for DH.
I was just at a conference for 3 days and DH did just fine...she went to sleep late but he managed. With me, by 830 or 9, I'll nurse and she'll be out in 10 minutes. with him, well, it's more like 11pm+

I just don't know what else to do, someone help us!
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I am in the same position with my DD also 28 mos. I am also tandem nursing DS 4 mos as well. Some days she actually out nurses him! I don't think I am cut out for CLW some days. I hope you get some good answers because I need some too.
thanks for even the response. I actually went cold turkey which is killing us both. She was an evening/night nurser and I had been taking a b-50 complex anyway which I realized was probably the reason she kept switching back and forth all night...just aint making the gallons I used to lol

On the one hand I'm miserable because she's my last, on the other hand I'm miserable because I can't sleep and no one's happy if mama can't sleep.

But she's been doing ok considering. During the day I can say to her "moma's milk is all gone" and she'll be like "can we cuddle?" But at 3am in her sleeping stooper she'll try to lift my shirt and my poor heart goes out for her
and I'll say let's cuddle and she'll wimper a couple of times and go back to sleep.

she nursed last 3 days ago and I think even my body gets it cause there's nothing in there. it's so weird.

Just last week I went out of town to a conference and two days later I came back full of milk...but oddly enough a week later and 3 days w/o nursing it's completly dry... I was expecting total pain and discomfort and nothing. weird.
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