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need advice I take DD to the doctor

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My 3 month old DD has had blood in her stool on 3 occasions (actually 3 different days a couple of times each day). I am pretty sure it is food allergy related as she started having the blood and a couple of other common food allergy symptoms just a few days after I started eating a lot more dairy...but I haven't had dairy in almost 2 weeks and she had blood in her stool again today, along with a little bit of whitish stuff (mucus?).

So I called the doctor's office (we're military) and asked if I can bring in a stool sample and have it tested...the nurse said I said take DD to the ER. I asked her what they would do there and she said an abdominal X-ray and a bunch of tests--which is exactly what I don't want (she was born at home, unvaxed, never seen a doctor)! Obviously if there's a serious problem I want her to get treatment but I don't want to put her through a bunch of probably unnecessary and potentially harmful tests.

What do I do? I was planning on starting a new diet tomorrow to see if that helps with her symptoms...should I just do that and see if that makes any difference and if the blood continues? Should I take her to the ER? Should I just make an appt at the doctor's office and then insist that they test the sample and do nothing else?

I'm so upset I just don't know what to do...she is not showing any behavioral changes at all, she's very happy as usual, eating like normal, etc. Help please!
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I'm a military mama too so I know how stressful it can be to be seen by military docs when you are an alternative family!

I definitely am not an expert or anything but I would say that if her behavior is normal, she doesn't seem to be in pain, not running a fever, etc. I would wait it out only because the testing they would do would probaby be quite traumatic for her. And you!

It definitely sounds like a food allergy based on what I've read, and even though you've eliminated dairy, it could be many other things (soy, nuts, wheat, etc). You might even consider a serious elimination diet today and then slowly add things in as you see that she's OK with the status quo. Dr. Sears has a good elimination diet, and I think the only things they know are safe are turkey, lamb, rice, potatoes, and pears. Serious lifestyle change, but might be worth it for a week or so just to make sure your DD is OK!!!

Good luck Mama! Please keep us updated!!
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What color is the blood? If it were me, I would wait it out if she's acting fine.
Based on the info you've given here, I wouldn't take her in.

I'm just wondering- based on her age, I'm assuming she's not on anything but breastmilk yet, and you say you've been avoiding dairy for 2 weeks- has she had any breastmilk via bottle that was pumped before you were being careful of your dairy intake? Could you have accidentally ingested something with "hidden" dairy and not realized it? It's also possible there's more than one allergen and today you ate something other than dairy that she's allergic to.
i think it's only really dangerous to have blood in stool if it's black or a lot.
haye had red blood marks in his poop a couple times and i cut back dairy and he was a lot better. maybe she's allergic to something else you are eating?
did you eat something that you normally don't? or that you didn't yesterday?
i would just cut it out.
I don't pump so she hasn't had any bottled BM. The blood is bright red, not black or anything, and it's just a little bit of blood.

The only time I could have had hidden dairy is when we've gone out to eat a couple of times...once it was Mexican--I didn't eat any cheese or sour cream and I really don't know what else it would have been in (I had fajitas w/refried beans and guacamole, and tortilla chips/salsa, I think the restaurant makes the tortillas, chips, salsa, and guacamole fresh every day, so I wouldn't think they would have much in the way of weird food additives, but who knows). Last night we did eat Chinese--I don't know what would have had dairy in that either (beef fried rice, fortune cooky, potstickers...I suppose maybe the fortune cooky). Or maybe it is the soy sauce since I know soy is a pretty common allergen.

I think I will just wait and see...I would just hate for it to be something serious and I didn't take her in, KWIM? I'm starting a gut healing program for me tomorrow and hopefully I will see a difference with that.
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You very easily could have accidentally had dairy at the Mexican restaurant- if somebody in the kitchen splashed a little sour cream into the guacamole or a little cheese fell into the refried beans.
If it's bright red that means that it's fresh. That's good. Very good. That means that she's bursting small blood veins while pooping or shortly before. It can be caused by pushing too hard, hard stools, or irration of the bowels (ie: allergies). As long as it's bright red, that's not that bad.
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