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Quite frankly, I would tell him all deals are off. Keep all of your $3500 per month, only use $200 a month and then, by Feb., you should have more than enough to buy yourself a car. 3300x3 (nov, dec, jan) = 9900. That is plenty for a reliable used car, and a big enough down payment that, unless your credit score is dismal or inexistant, that you could get a loan for the difference on a new car. Hyundais are inexpensive and VERY reliable. Great waranty, too.

Tell him you're done picking up the slack for him living outside his means. If you're feeling guilty, simply don't ask for any of his money. But for the love of all things good, STOP GIVING HIM YOURS. Not one red cent more.

Then, get yourself a good lawyer. It doesn't matter if it looks like it might cost more than what you would have given him in the next few months (according to what he wants today). I can guarantee you in two months, he'll still be demanding more money, and will continue doing so until you have nothing left, or until you put a stop to it. This man is using you and bleeding you dry. He will not stop. Make sure you protect yourself--do not end up paying him spousal support on top of this all. GET A LAWYER. It will be worth it in the end.
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