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Need an opinion on this diaper package...

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I'm new to cloth diapering (baby #3 due in 5 weeks) and want to do it this time. I've found this Canadian site

What do you think of this package? I really have no idea what to choose. There's so much out there I'm overwhelmed.

Is this a good deal? I was also thinking of getting a few from here?

Opinions please. Or also if anyone knows of a Canadian company that has a better package.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts that canadian dollars? The bummis pack seems kinda expensive. If you are not opposed to trying a us company, the wahm site I use is great, and their sample packs are cheaper. They just redesigned their site and added new products, and I could forward you an email for the discount code...

Anyway, it's and this one is directly to the sample package: b

That seems much cheaper. Bryana also allows you to order a couple different to see if you like the fit by "dry fitting" quickly to check for fit. This is good when deciding on something like the bumgenius one size diaper, which costs like $15 each. Personally, this is the way to go for me, since it fits up to 35 lbs, and cover is built right in. However, for a newborn, I loved loved loved kissaluvs size 0, but they require an additional cover. She also has kissaluvs packages. Shipping is free over $150 too. Not sure what rules are for Canada, but she's super fast at getting back to emails...

Don't forget the toilet shower wand, it makes cleaning the poop out oh so easy!

Good luck! They are easy and fun, good for babies, mommies, and the environment!
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I bought my diaper package from Little-Lions. They were much more affordable and the shipping and service were great! Here is the link:
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