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My 10 mo. old is refusing to eat from a spoon, but loves table foods that I give her with my fingers or that she can pick up. Any recommendations? She loves cherrios, pasta, bread, zuccini, meats, sometimes pears and peaches, graham crackers. Need more veggie recommendations and anything else please! Brocolli and beans seem to bother her tummy.

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That's great that your dd likes to feed herself and great that you are encouraging that. Almost anything you eat can be a finger food- my kids even ate rice with their fingers. Anyway, here's a few ideas.

First Finger Foods (7 months and up)

- whole grain bread chunks
- Diced avocado
- Diced banana
- Diced soft, very ripe fruit (mango, peach, canta-loupe, etc.)
- Diced, cooked (very soft) vegetables (squash, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, or cauliflower, etc.)
- Rice cakes
- Soft crackers
- Well-cooked pasta
- Cereal "O's" (organic, whole grain O's with less than 4 grams of sugar per serving like Oatios)

Older Baby Finger Foods (10 months and up)

- Chunks of firm tofu (raw or steamed)
- Chunks of steamed tempeh
- Chunks of hard-boiled egg yolk or whole egg
- Scrambled egg yolks or whole eggs
- Chunks of cheese
- Grated apple, pear, or carrot
- Cooked grains (cold, sticky chunks are easy for baby to pick up)
- Pretzels (made with no salt, sugar, or hydrogenated oils)
-Soft crackers (low salt, low sugar, and no hydro-genated oils)
-Leftover pancakes, french toast, or waffles

Foods to Avoid (Choking Risk)

- Uncooked raisins
- Whole grapes
- Popcorn
- Nuts
- Whole peas
- Raw firm-fleshed fruit or vegetables
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