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Need bf'ing reassurance & Mastitis HELP

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Let me preface, Lucas is almost 10mths and I have had Mastitis twice now.
It is VERY painful, and I end up not being able to do hardly anything for at least 5 days, usually closer to a week.

While I love nursing Lucas, and we have fought hard to get to this point, I am ready to give up. I cringe while he eats, and I can't help but feeling it's just not fair to the other kids.

The first time I had mastitis it was on my right outer side, and I took abx for it, finished the script, then felt better. It's been 3-4 weeks and I have it on my left side, the top outer 1/4 of my breast.

My mw and I talked about taking lechitin (sp?) but I have serious ppd from Lucas, and *just* got my meds regulated for that, and we don't want to cause any upsets with that. (And yes, that is a huge priority for me, as I was a bad mother and wife with no meds)

Please give me some reassurance as to why I should keep on nursing... I am so bummed out right now, and I want to give up so bad. This pain is killing me... and I don't know what to do for it.
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Sweetie, I feel for you... I too have been there with a breast infection... I know how bad it can hurt.

Have you been told to point your babies chin towards the infection?
That is what I was told to do when I had my infection... it worked great!.. Even if this means you leaning upside down over top of him..
chin towards infection.

I do not know what to tell you other then breastfeedinh is the absolute best for your baby. You know this obviously, or you would not have made it 10 months...
I wish you the best of luck honey!
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Have you done a search at
I'm not sure I there some reason why lecithin would interfere with your meds? (Nevermind...I see that high doses can cause depression. Have you asked your midwife about the lowest possible dose?)

If you have mastitis now soon after having the other case,it is likely it was not cured the first time.

Here's some info about recurrent mastitis:

Originally Posted by Little Bear's Mama
Have you asked your midwife about the lowest possible dose?
I did, and we both feel it's best not to go there unless I HAVE to.

I had severe depression, almost to the point that I was suicidal, and I was a awful mom/wife, and I can't go through that again, and would never dream of putting my kids or dh through that.

Off to read the links, thanks!
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