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Need Car Seat advice, Please!

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Hi, I'm fairly new to the posting here but I've been reading the boards for several months and you ladies ROCK! I find I need some advice concerning a carseat for my 3yo for DH's car. Right now he's kissing the 40lb mark, but he's far too immature for a bpb so I need a combo seet with a harness. I've looked at the Graco Ultra Cargo and the Evenflow Chase. I've seen a Nania Airway online, but have not located it locally. Can someone steer me in the right direction? I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. Does anyone have any experience with the Nania Airway?


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We just bought a Britax Marathon because dd, 35lbs, reached the weight limit for her seat. We love the Marathon, its good till 65lbs and very safe.
There's a great forum on car seats at They have reviews and a lot of CPS techs post on their boards. I found it a really helpful place when I was trying to decide on a seat.
DS has the Graco Platinum Cargo and we love it. The Britax seats are very good, we just cannot afford them :LOL
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