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Need Comments/Suggestions re website

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I've had my website for about a month now, and my sales are not spectacular. Can you please look at my site and give me some feedback.
Be honest, I totally appreciate constructive criticism
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Okay since you asked I'm going to give some feedback:

1. Front page: You're going to get shafted in the search engines with that type of home page. You need a LOT more content on the home page.

2. Decrease your font size so your merchandise is above the fold (on the upper half of page).

3. Remember customers spend an average of 8 seconds on a website before they leave. When they hit your home page, put up something noticeable like a sale item. Give them a reason to click further.
Ok. So far I have managed to decrease the font!
......I'm really not sure what more to put on the homepage, but I'll work on it.

In the meantime, any other comments/suggestions will be GREATELY apprieciated!!
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1. I would decrease the font on the home page, as mentioned.
2. If you like the clean look of the home page, I would add thumbnails along the bottom, but above the fold, of your main products, each linked to the appropriate page inside the site.
3. Below the fold, I would put content that will help in search engine submissions and allow interested folks to get a better idea of who you are.
4. Finally, your catch seems to be the FUN part of CDing. Focus on that more, somehow bring it out so that people feel it's FUN to purchase from you. I don't know what specifically....catchy, witty descriptions?
take a look at some of your competitors who do well and see what you can bring forth to your homepage from theirs

I think over all professional look and style are key to making a WAHM diaper business stand out from the others.

There are some simple things you can do to get there!

at this site, for example,
I don't like how you have to scroll on the homepage from left to right, but otherwise this is a very nice site with nice clean images, soothing friendly colors, beautiful graphics etc.

You could have a logo made for you and have some images edited to have a selection of your diaper products on the homepage in a nice layout. Also, including your keywords in descriptive text.

Not overboard, but enough!

Here is another site that uses clean images and lovely art to draw you in as well as their keywords on the main page!

many stores skip the splash page all together and start you in their product catalog from teh first step (like my site, or etc)

just some ideas.

If I were going to have a splash page, I would make sure it had some adorable images on it and maybe something witty/catchy plus my keywords worked into a nice format.
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Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question.
It's going to be at least a week or 2 before I can manage to get my stuff together, but I wanted to say that I'm very grateful for your help.
Lala, I love the first 2 websites!!
Get rid of the first splash page. It's holding you back from getting good search engine rankings, since it has no content. It's also annoying to customers, who want to see your products, not a pretty picture. That image can be used on your about page, or on a page with information about your products ).

Also there, are a ton of cloth diaper websites and products out there. What makes your site and your product different from the others? Are your dipes more affordable? Are they of better quality? Do they have a feature that other dipes don't have and that people want? Are you in a location with few other cloth diaper sellers? Whatever sets you apart is what you need to use to attract people to your site.

You also need to optimize your site for the search engines. Research your keyword phrases and add them to your content. Also, get rid of the frames. They are hiding the content on your pages from the search engines (all the search engine is going to see is your navigation. That won't get you good rankings). Remember: Frams are bad for search engine optimization.
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Do I need to be HTML literate in order to get rid of the frames?

......I'm assuming probably yes, otherwise it would just be too easy :LOL
You'll need to pretty much rework the whole site to get rid of the frames. One thing you can do is create a template with a left or right column for your navigation and a blank column on the other side for your content. But if you're not HTML literate, you'll need to find someone who is.
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