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Need dyed prefolds and wipes...custom...?

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Who can do this for me? I want to make a diaper cake for my BF's shower, using prefolds and cloth wipes. I need them to be 2 certain colors, so I don't think it is something I could get instock anywhere.

Anyone have an idea of where I can get these?? Thanks so much!
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You can email me! Sounds like fun! [email protected]
Shelly from Tye Dye Dreams is AMAZING!!!!! And she's the nicest mama ever!
I've had Sherri at custom dye... well, too much
: probably for me... but, oh my.. it's been beyond gorgeous and I've been SOOOOOO pleased with the shirts, rompers, prefolds and more that I've had her dye for me
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I would recommend Shelly from tye Dye dreams.
So beautiful! I almost want to try this myself. But, then I might be sad to put a cover on them!
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