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I'm pregnant, 12 weeks now. At 7 wks I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed, it lasted 2wks. I begged my mother to come, but my sister was getting married, so I had to just get by. Let me just say 3 little kids, oldest 7 and a husband can really wreck a place. Well, it was all I could do at 8wks pregnant to get packed for a 2 week trip to visit my parents and head with them to my sister's for the wedding. I was looking forward to my mother taking care of my kids, so I could just be sick in bed. I left the house with the dishes done and laundry done.
My dh was not on this trip with us and he does not put anything away and often can't even throw his own food trash away...
So, I'm home still feeling ill on and off. Last week I just slept as much as I could due to exhaustion and now I'm looking at my house in total discust and frustration. Dishes pilled all over the place, no clean utinsils, the floors are filthy, my dd took all her clothes out of the dresser and has them all over the house, the toys are a shambles as in not in their place or organized how they were.
The no food out of the kitchen rule has been broken so many times by the kids that I've got cinnamon sugar on my dd's floor, the living room is gross from potato chips, corn chips and chocolate muffin. Did I mention I have a child who can't ingest gluten -- so now I feel the entire play area is contaminated.
It's not all bad mind you, the kitchen table we eat meals at is clean and free of clutter, our master bathroom is clean and free of clutter, the dining room is my sewing room and it's okay.
I feel like a failure b/c I can't keep up with the messes the kids are making to make any progress on the messes that were left from when I was sick, sick, sick.
I've unpacked from our trip, so that is something. I've lined and filled one of my new dressers (the rest of our new bedroom suit is in the garage waiting for my dh to move, it came in night before we left for our trip). I've been keeping up with clothing laundry and cd. The dishes got away from me, but I've got a start on those this morning.
I just need some energy to keep moving. By 3pm I need a nap or my stomach is upset. I'd like to have everything done and can't really take pride in the little I do do b/c no one else sees it!
Oh, yes, I'm trying FLYLADY again... I just don't have the energy after dinner and bedtime to shine my sink. I've been going to bed at 8:30pm with my dh!!!

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Hugs to you! Even though I "kind of" do FlyLady, I would not worry about your sink just yet. Pick the one thing in your house that bothers you the most-the dirty dishes, floors, etc. and work on that only for the day. So if it's the dishes, use FlyLady's 15 minute rule. Work on the mountain of dishes for 15 minutes and then take a break. If the floor is your main concern, get it vacummed, even if you have to shove everything on the floor in a giant pile. Just do not go overboard-I know it's hard to when things are a giant mess, but you need to take care of yourself and your baby.

Also, I know your kids are young still, but try to encourage them to help. Put on some fun music and set the timer. If you are working on the living room, have them search through the pile for things that go in their bedroom and let them race it to their room and dump it there. And when the timer goes off, you are done. I wouldn't go more than 15 minues.

Don't beat yourself up over it-your house will get in order in time. If you feel like stopping at 3pm and taking a nap, do it! The more sleep you get at this time, the better and more energized you'll feel. Take it one step at a time!

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