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My husband and I are traveling next week to the LA area and I would love to get the scoop on some good whole food dining options and sources for local food. At home we eat mostly raw dairy, organic meats, eggs and veggies from a local farm. As great as that is, it makes traveling somewhat challenging, but also fun. So please point me towards some places to check out. I'm looking for restaurants, food markets, farms, anything. I live in Michigan so the only fresh veggies/fruits we're getting this time of year are asparagus and rhubarb. I'd love to get my hands on some REAL and fresh strawberries with flavor.<br><br>
We'll be in Anaheim, near Disney for a few nights for a conference. Then we're heading to Hermosa Beach to stay near an old friend. We'll also be up near Beverly Hills/Hollywood for one night to meet up with a cousin for dinner.<br><br>
This is our first vacation w/o the kids so I'm just planning to relax and take the days as the come. But am open to anything more natural that may be worth checking out.<br><br>
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