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Need Help and Advice: SUpply issues at 13 mo

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First, a bit of background: I'm nursing my 13 mo old dd. Supply was always great, i even had a HUGE freezer stash. stopped my once a day pump to get extra at 6 mo and supply regulated. around 8-9 mo I had several bad cases of mastitis and my supply took a huge hit. DD was teething and would start biting and act very upset. Just nursing more wasn't helping, so I started fenugreek. I should add that my dd doesn't take a bottle, takes water in a sippy sometimes, and has a paci. so comfort nursing is somewhat limited. she is a 5 min nurser

Now I seem to be stuck taking the fenugreek! I take about 8 a day and have plenty for dd. She does eat solids but not always that great.

I would like to NOT be stuck on the fenugreek until she weans lol. How can I reduce the amt I am taking and keep my supply up? whenever I drop below 6 a day I see a real drop a few days later. oh, I eat oatmeal every day. No more mastitis since I'm taking lecithin. I work t, w, th part time so it would be hard to nurse her anytime she was hungry then, but could try it fri-mon and maybe the extra nursing would up my supply?

lol, I hope this makes sense.
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