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need help fast! Mastitis with weaning?

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I need some fast help and i know you mamas know your stuff . . .

We had decided to do child-led weaning because Dacey and I both were still enjoying bf'ing past her first birthday. So I was so looking forward to nursing her through toddlerhood . . . She is 14 months now. Last week, she came down with a urinary tract infection and in the midst of this has basically started weaning herself.
As heartbreaking as this is, I have done everything I can to encourage her continuing, but when I offer the breast, she starts CRYING.

Anyway, in the course of about 3 days, she completely eliminated her daytime nursing sessions, and has only nursed once (at 10:30 pm) in the last 24 hours. She would generally still nurse two or three times a night prior to this. Now my left breast is feeling very tender and I have tenderness in my left armpit, too. . . Could this be the beginning of mastitis?

I have been extremely exhausted because with the UTI, she is up several times a night and since she won't nurse, it takes a long time for her to go back to sleep . .

I obviously have never weaned before, so is some tenderness normal with weaning?

Sorry this is so disjointed . . . I am really, really sleep-deprived.

Thanks for any help/suggestions/encouragement!
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At that age, I would be inclined to say that she is having a nursing strike, not weaning herself. I would encourage her to nurse. Uti's can really make a little one's tummy hurt - maybe she is just not feeling like taking much in (especially if she is on antibiotics...?) I would pump to keep supply established in case she wants to go back to it when she is feeling better.

please see this link for plugged ducts vs mastitis and self-care.
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