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Need help finding midwife in Des Moines/western Iowa area...

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Need advice/direction finding midwife in Des Moines/western Iowa area


I'm from Omaha, Ne and 16 wks pregnant. This is my 2nd child, I also have a 2 yr old little girl. I am really interested in finding a midwife in Des Moines or western Iowa as I feel that would give me a lot more natural birth options than available in Nebraska at this time.

I'm the most interested in the Almost Home Birth Center located in Des Moines. It's going to be mid-Feb driving 3 hours to get there though. Am I crazy? My last labor was 30+ hours however in a hospital and I had to fight pretty darn hard to refuse a c-section.

I'm aware that Carey Ann Ryan is no longer practicing but that the birth center is still open for other midwives who want to apply for privileges. I'm also aware that the Gentle Birth Clinic is not up and running any longer? They told me they are not accepting patients at this time but blogs I have read say they are closed.

I'm contacting Cosette Boone and Dana Ericson today but do you know of any others worth contacting (especially on the western side of the state)? I am not interested in a midwife at a hospital... we have that here in Omaha and if it comes down to it that's what I'll go with. Only interested in midwives that would want to use the birth center or home birth. I'm really looking for someone with a hands off approach... like a lifeguard Also, do you have any feedback on Cosette Boone or Dana Ericson??

Any help would be awesome! Thanks!
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Hi, moving to the tribal area

Everyone, please note our Healthcare Review policy, too, thanks!
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Hopefully these links will help you out. I do not live in des moines right now, but I am from there originally. I have heard wonderful things about Cosette from almosthomebirthcenter.
oops Cosette is a part of Willowsong Midwifery. sorry, you could check that out too. I don't think she has a webpage, she might only do homebirth. You coul probably google her name. blessings!
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