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Need help from midwives!

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After visiting the school and meeting the director, I have decided to apply to the International School of Traditional Midwifery in Ashland, Oregon. Part of the application involves interviewing three midwives, at least two of whom are working out of a hospital setting. There aren't any midwives living near me, so I am sending out a call for help--if you are a midwife, I would love to interview you! This could be done over phone or email. If you would like to help me out please reply to this thread or PM me. Thanks very much in advance!
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Oh, I love ISTM! I love Sudy! I'm on the board of directors.

Feel free to email me the questions, if you'd like... [email protected]

Yay for you!
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I don't suppose there's a distance learning for this school...
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Can I just ask where you are located?
Thanks, pamamidwife! I will email you.

Dynamicdoula, there is indeed a distance program for the school. Check out their website here:

Mamato3cherubs, I am in Ellensburg, Washington. There used to be a CNM here but she moved away.
can you become licensed in WA from going to this school? or do you care?
I know of some mws sans license and a couple CNMs one LM/naturopath in Tri-cites-- you could interview a couple of them--- is there still a CNM up in Okanogan? also Linda Marks in Spokane is an LM--
there are several more west but the gals in Eastern Washington are going to know better what you would be working around the pace, medical-interface, client populations and things that they find helpful to promote practice.

take care
Just thought I'd bump this and see if I got any more bites...

mwherbs, I will probably be practicing either in Oregon or Western Washington. I've emailed a few people in those areas but still need some more...
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