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Need help in making an informed decision

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I had a c/s in Nov 01 after diating to 8cm and stalling out for 6 hrs with no progress despite adding in pitocin. Apparently DD never descended . . . she was head down, body transverse. Anyone know anything about this type of positioning?

She was 7 lbs 2 oz and my new OB feels that since she wasn't big that the same thing would probably happen again and that I may have true CPD. She said though it is possible that dd just didn't do what she was supposed to for whatever reason and if that was true then a successful VBAC seemed more likely.

I am requesting all of my records and will contact my old OB (we moved) for more info but I am stressing about this already. (My former OB said that the delivery of DD would not impact on my ability to VBAC so I am feeling somewhat hopeful)

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Im not sure I really understand about your DDs position (did they call it deep transverse arrest?), but in any case, I also had a csection with my 1st child for malposition and was told that there could possibly be something wrong with the shape of my pelvis. I went on to have a VBAC with my 2nd.

If it was deep transverse arrest, theres many things that couldve been done while you were in labor that contributed to it and its not something that will necessarily repeat itself.

If it was some other type of malposition there are several things you can do while still pregnant to get the baby into the right position. Do a google search on Optimal Fetal Positioning and you should find lots of info. The only website I can remember off the top of my head is prob. has some helpful suggestions also.

I would try not to stress about it. You know the baby was in a weird position, so theres your answer. Get baby in the right position and most likely have a VBAC. Your hospital records will hopefully be able to fill in any questions you have.

Good luck.
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There's no reason in the world to think the same thing would happen again.
In your shoes, I would definitely look into Optimal Foetal Positioning (I think it's a British book, so it's spelled funny) and also find a more supportive doctor or maybe a midwife instead. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can work wonders, too.

You can VBAC!!! Good luck, and keep us posted!
Babies enter the pelvis transverse and rotate to anterior (facing your spine) as they decend. I have seen babies that rotate from transverse (despite conventional obstetric wisdom) on the perineum, so I don't think that her being high and transverse really means a thing. Also, there are all kind of things other than CPD that can hang a baby up - deflexed head comes to mind immediately. I would think that for a VBAC an active, unepiduralized birth would be especially important, along with spontaneous labor (forgo induction) to have the best chance at starting labor with good fetal positioning. I'd also suggest going to the ICAN site and joining a local ICAN group if you have one. You will be surprised at all the women who had VBAC's, even with babies that were still high transverse at complete or other situations. Good luck!
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