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need help (long)

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hi, i am new to this whole site but VERY excited to have found it. i should say that pre-preg i was doing just fine and was fine throughout my whole pregnancy. i should also state that we are very low income with no insurance, so seeing someone or taking expensive meds is pretty much out of the question.

i am anxious a lot. i mean, today i could not take a shower until dh got home and most days it is like that. keep the doors double locked, think i hear noises, anxious going out in big social situations etc. it is not all of the time. there are times when i am great without a hint of what i think is ppd. i am also getting more and more moody which i think may be hormones adjusting back to "normal" as i have been cramping for the past few days. i am exclusively breastfeeding ds (7months) so i am not sure what is safe and natural to use to help with this. i really can't talk to dh because he thinks that i make these things up or overexagerate which tends to make things even worse. i already suffer from adrenal fatigue and all of the stress on my body from the anxiety is only making it worse.

oh, and i don't5 have any suicidal thoughts or thoughts of hurting anyone, just the anxiety and some mild depression some times.

i would love some help, feedback, suggestions, anything.

thanks so much.
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Welcome yogachick!

Your cramping, are you saying it's menstrual or are you experiencing other unusual sorts of cramping?

How have things been for you postpartum? Baby's health good? Are you able to sleep? Have you been able to eat well?

I'm about to sign off tonight, so I may not be able to post back until tomorrow.
thanks to both of you. Gale, I think that it is menstrual cramps at least that is what it feels like, but no period yet. but i'm not sure when it will come back because of the exclusive breastfeeding. i sleep okay provided that i don't get overtired, if i do then the anxiety kicks in big time and i have a hard time. I eat well, I watch my nutrition pretty carefully because I am vegan and breastfeeding, so I make sure that I get enough protein, greens, etc.

It's not so much that I won't take medication if absolutely needed (I have before many years ago) but we just don't have the money for me even to get evaluated right now. The good thing is that I am still an effective parent, it hasn't gotten that bad, but I do want to nip it in the bud.
Are you taking supplemental B12 that is from an animal (not algae) origin?
How about omega 3s? Do you consume much flax seed oil or other such oil? How much?
I do take flax oil, usually about 3000 mg per day in veg cap form and I take B-12 drops that are from NOW and have riboflavin (B-2), Niacin, Vit B-6, Folic acid, and B-12 as cyancobalamin. When i worked at my old doc's office i would get b-12 injections and those seemed to help much more (did 2x/week) but can't afford to do them now so I take the drops twice daily. not sure what the b-12 is based from though.
It looks like your B12 is animal-based. Did you get B12 bloodwork before the shots? Or did the doc just try out the shots and see if they were effective? That you responded to the shots suggests that you might have at least a subclinical B12 deficiency which can cause a folic acid deficiency (even though you have good levels in your diet more than likely). B12 and folic acid deficiencies are two of the usual suspects in depression. Would you consider eating a wee-bit of animal for B12? I'm not trying to push, just asking a question. (I'm an unapologetic omni)

It sounds like you are taking the recommended amount of flaxseed oil for depression already. That's good. You could increase it more, by half or double it, for a month or so and see how you feel. Most of us are super-deficient in these oils anyway. If you have dry skin and chapped lips, that's the best indicator. When I started taking high doses of cod liver oil, my skin became as soft as a baby's within weeks (in the winter!) and I didn't need chapstick anymore.
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no worries, DH is omni
but no, no meat/eggs/dairy for me. do you know of a good brand of flax oil? i have just been using what i had left over from my days of working with a doc, but his is way too expensive once my bottle runs out? and i might increase it. so do you think that i should up my folic acid intake? it's in the drops, and in my multi that i take (has 800 mcg) but i have little doubt that i might still be deficient.
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If you are B12 deficient, and you really only know (or have some evidence) with blood work, then that would be the cause of a folic acid problem, not your diet. I am assuming you have a lot vegetables in your diet since you are a vegan. And who knows about your B12 but with your reactions to the shot it makes me wonder. You might track down firefaery here. She's struggled with B12 problems.

I don't really know much about flax seed oil. In pregnancy I took about 4 tbs a day of the actual oil, the kind in the black bottle you can get at a health food store. But it's been so long, I just don't remember what it was.
thanks, i will keep an eye out for her. yup, get lots of those good greens and good nutrition in general. i did just talk to one of the docs at the office that i used to work for (dealt with natural compounded hormones, etc) and she recommended that i start back on my Progesterone (natural compound)that I was taking before I had DS. Was taking it then to help with troublesome cycles but she seems to think that it might help with the anxiety too. She also recommended 50-100mg of 5HTP before bed to help with my night time anxiety. So hopefully those things will start to help. I will keep you posted, I really appreciate your help.
yoga -- I took an amino at one point and it didn't help. It turns out I was also deficient in B6 which the body needs to convert the amino to the neurotransmitter. All of this is to say you might need B6 with the 5HTP.

A pioneer in mental health and nutrition, Carl Pfieffer, discovered that his patients who were low in B6 were also not able to recall their dreams at night. if you don't have dream recall, you might want to supplement with B6 until you do. Research studies have used 50 -100 mg of B6 a day.
Thanks, I just so happen to have B-6 sitting in my vitamin cabinet from when i was preg with DS. Took it to help releive the swelling in my legs. I will try combining that with the 5-HTP. I usually recall my dreams pretty well, but it is something that I trained myself to do a long time ago because they interest me so I am sure that I still might need it.
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