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Hi Monica,

I've just made a pouch and used these instructions: pouch instructions She has pictures that made the instructions really simple. I'm not altogether sure how accurate the measurement per making is, though. My first pouch came out huge, then I washed it and it fits DH now. I washed my fabric the second attempt and it came out pretty well- just a tad too big for my taste (because my DS hangs too low for me). But I made it with a padded leg rail with instructions from Kristen at Hotslings (thanks, Kristen!). If you sign up for the Yahoo! Slingsewing group, you can get lots of tips, and how to do the leg rail, and there's even a picture of my pouch if you want to get an idea of what it looks like (under photo album Tiphanie). I would attempt to make you one myself to trade for a non-padded ring sling, but I don't think I can do well enough yet with the measurements (since a non-adjustable pouch needs to fit well). Also, on TBW site, under forums and "do it yourself", there are lots of great tips, too (you have to register, but it's free). I used a slightly stretchy fabric (97% cotton, 3% lycra), because I'm used to a stretchy fleece fabric from my KKAFP. But it's entirely up to you on what you'd like and are used to.

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