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need help making covers

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I have been sewing ds diapers since I started cd, which was when he was about 3 months, but I have never sewn covers, I have always found then at thriftstore and such. All of them are those plastic elastic waisted gerber ones. So I know I should use PUL, but where is the best place to get that? Does anyone know a good cover pattern, praferabley free, we are pretty poor, and how do I do the binding? I am asuming that I can't use FOE because it wicks. Can I just sew in elastic and serge the edges? And can I make ones that You just pul up, or can you not have seams because they leak. I know, tons of questions. I'm sorry, but If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. my ds is growing out of all his covers.
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The best place for PUL is a co-op if you're going to buy in bigger quantities (it's like $6/yd) - but there's a good store on ebay that is selling PUL too for $7.99/yd of print. Also, tons of diaper making online stores carry it.

The pattern will depend on what you want. I think the Darling Diaper one is easy and fast (though not designed to be just a PUL cover - though I'm going to make it that with some modification). The Very Baby one I've heard awesome things about (it's $10), I'm getting that in the mail soon I hope.

FOE you can use on PUL. You can just serge the edges though (with polyester thread (not cotton covered polyester)). I don't know about seams from experience but the Darling Diaper Potty Dance Pants (training pants pattern) has a seam and is an AIO with PUL...

Sorry if that isn't complete help, I don't know enough about serging PUL since I haven't done it yet.
i got two yards of colored 60" pul in a coop for a total of 14 dollars, including fees and shipping. I just got the darling diaper AIO pattern and I love it! She emails it to you SUPER quick! I like the AIO because you can make a fitted and a cover as well as the AIO. It is a lot more affordable than a honeyboy or vb. And there is no shipping! I'm currently trying to figure out how to do a cover, as i don't have a serger. I've never used FOE so can't help ya there.
So I know I should use PUL, but where is the best place to get that? Does anyone know a good cover pattern, praferabley free, we are pretty poor, and how do I do the binding?
You can use PUL if you want, but I don't think you have to...I just used an old wool sweater that DH no longer wears b/c it has moth holes in the arms. How's that for free!? Of course, it's pretty easy to find old wool sweaters at the thrift store too... Just make sure it's a soft one...
I felted the sweater slightly and sewed on FOE and aplix for a wrap style cause then I can just lay a pf in there if I want. I used 100% polyester thread and have had NO wicking! I got the FOE at for 45 cents/yard, got the aplix there too for cheap. I "made" the cover pattern by laying a diaper I had made on the sweater and adding approx. 1/2 inch all the way around. It fits over DS's diapers perfectly and it was a "free" pattern!

You could make a pull up cover pretty easily too, just cut a triangle, then pull the points together so they meet at DC's belly button. You could experiment on sizes by doing this with newspaper til you get the right fit. Sew it together leaving holes for the legs. Also free and easy!

I hope this helps as I know what a bummer it is to be tight on the $.
You can do it!
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Nice post, Isaac'sMa!

I second the wool thing. If you don't have any wool sweaters, you could always check your local thrift shop. I've seen them for $1-2, and you could get at least 2 wool covers out of one adult sweater.
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I've made several covers and don't have any cover patterns... I just use my diaper patterns. If it's a 2-layer cover that I'm going to turn and topstitch, I just add 1/2" all the way around. If it's a 1-layer cover, I just use the diaper pattern as is because I'm elimnating the seam allowance... and somehow they all fit great.

I've used FOE and it is very easy. It does wick somewhat though. Another way I've done them is to use an overedge stitch all the way around, except at the elastic parts. I left extra fabric on the legs and back so that I could fold it over the elastic and make a casing. Hope that makes sense.

I've made covers of PUL, thick fleece (Wal-mart), and wool (sweaters). Good luck!
You could if you are a fairly competent seamstress,make some pull up ones from fleece too,just take a pattern from a pair of baby trousers.
Lots of Mummies on here suggest making a cover pattern from a nappy pattern just adding some extra around the edges.
I have been lucky to borrow a few different brands of covers and have done a bit of a drawing round them to compare the shapes and sizes,they look no different to a nappy patterns to me!
the woolen longies are good too from wool jumpoer sleeves,then you can use the rest of the jumper for a wrap,or those funny little pull on pants you guys call Butt sweaters!!!
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