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Hi mamas,<br><br>
I'm going for a VBA2C. I may have scar tissue on my cervix from back-to-back D&Cs (the first failed). This may explain why I never have progressed.<br><br>
A little ds was induced by a horrible OB. The night before, he put something like cervadil on me and I was doubled over, which he said he'd never seen. I then had pit started and was maxed for 18 hours and was in severe pain and no progress. Section. I found out later than the pain I was experiencing was very unusual and the medical staff thought I was being dramatic.<br><br>
My dd was a failed homebirth. My contractions started 7 minutes apart around 10pm and weren't any biggie. By 2-3am, they went to 2 min apart and 45-60sec long and I started having a really hard time with them. By 4-6am (can't remember), I was in serious pain and it didn't feel right (similar to with ds). Later in the day, my midwife said that it looked as if I was being tortured and nothing brought relief. The contractions were 1 min apart and 1 min long and it felt like I was contracting against a brick wall and the pain was unreal. The supervising MW came in and checked me and said I wasn't in labor, as my cervix was still posterior and hard and no dilation. That ticked me off, but she and I never clicked anyway. Sometime around 5pm maybe, we transferred. The OB said he wouldn't mind me doing a trial of labor, but still there's was zero progress in nearly 24 hours, it wasn't a good idea. My MW said it was probably best to have the section, which surprised me. The doc mentioned something about thin uterus. Blah.<br><br>
So, saying this, I've learned that the pain I have is highly unusual and transition like. Why would this be? I've read several things talking about scar tissue and transition like pain, since the cervix is unable to open. I never had anyone try to break apart scar tissue, as I just found out it may be the problem after dd was born. Could there be another reason related to D&Cs? I read something about scar tissue inside the uterus.<br><br>
I swear, I'm not a weenie, but simply could not handle the pain. Even the midwifes didn't understand why I was in so much pain. I figured the horrible OB was just being a jerk, but when the MWs thought it was weird, then I was concerned.<br><br>
I did have an endometrioma from my ds' section that they had to remove during dd's section. I can't imagine that was the cause of the pain, since the pain was the same as when I was in labor with ds.<br><br>
I have an amazing OB now who has even done twins VBACS. He's really well known around here. So, I have awesome support. Now, I just need to figure out what's going on with my body. I have my first appointment with him on the 18th and I will have him check for scarring and see what he thinks. I'm also going to go visit my old MW to see if she has any thoughts with this new spin.<br><br>
Please, any info you may have is sooooo appreciated!
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