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I have two daughters, the oldest will be 5 this January and the youngest just turned 2 in October. I am not the perfect parent but I think I do pretty good. Lately however, I am hitting the wall with frustration!!! My 2 year old will hit her sister. This is most often because of her own frustration/lack of verbal skills and sometimes she is needing to go to sleep. I honestly can't say the the older sister is doing anything intentional to provoke it. When Anna (5yr) went through this phase (although she preferred pushing) it was rather simple to remove her, redirect her, simply explain that we don't do that and offer alternatives. However, most the time she was doing it to me and I knew what was going on and had some patience with it. However, this time I don't feel it is right for Anna to tolerate the abuse, I don't want to act rashly (ie spank) because I feel it sends the wrong message, it is impossible to always notice before it happens, and of course Anna isn't old enough to be the parent, I don't want Anna to hit back, etc etc

Does anyone have any ideas of something that will help. I think time is really what this needs (with consistent correction) but I don't want Anna to think that she needs to tolerate it. At the same time I am tired of hearing MOM, Kayla hit me.

Sorry about rambling, I am so frustrated with this problem it is hard to articulate it.

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