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need help with conjunctivitis: my sons first illness

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Looking for some info or other parent's views on health and healing who have some experience.

My boys are twins and 9m. This is our first major illness. My son has what seems to be conjunctivitis: totally yellow yuck over his eyes and coming out along with a fever: he has had this for three days. I went to an Anthroposophical doc: homeopath (Rudolph Steiner) if anyone has a veiw on this medicine let me know. But I can't seem to find what works for us.

What works for others. medicine, no med, herbs, homeopath, conventional med...

anyone's kids have conjunc...and what did you do to help heal it. My other son has does caught it also ...I don't know what to do...

I am just supporting him as much as possible and warm compresses...

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...breastmilk...right in the eye.

Cured my son's conjunctivitis at 3 weeks like a dream.

Nothing on God's green earth like breastmilk.

Go to "Great Book Alert" on Vax forum, last post for more.

We tried homeopathy. I've read Steiner. The 2X, 3X etc. preparations are actually more distilled--ie contain less of the components.

I think homeopathy is a tactical response to allopathic medicine.

We are compelled to do something ,anything when we are sick.

IMO, Homeopathy allows the body to do its healing while soothing our minds (the real problem)

For this reason I have no issue with those who "feel" homeopathy helps--- it is the lesser of many evils.


Check vax board "convince me to skip MMR" thread for my son's (at 18 months) cakewalk through measles, he barely got a rash.

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food,

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I have used Eyebright too. Loose leaf form made into a tea, cooled, strained and dropped into the eye.
Breastmilk, IMO, is the best and so soothing!
Breastmilk worked for my infant who had repeated conjunctivitis. Once I discovered that breastmilk could be used, I used it for a few days and never again has he had eye problems. Good luck!
Yup, breastmilk.

Also, save some in the deep freezer for later on when you might not be lactating anymore. If you keep it at 0 degrees Farenheit, or -20 celsius, or lower it'll keep for a couple of years.
My son had it too, at 4 weeks old and breast milk did not help at all. But I cured it with homeopathy. I love homeopathy and use it for everything. I used Pulsatila 30C, but your son may need different one. I have a great book called Homeopathic remedies by Asa Hershoff and you can find remedy for MANY diseases. 2 pages for every illness. I look at eye inflamation and found the symptoms my son had and bought the remedy they recomended. % days later it was healed.
You said you went to homeopath - stay with him/her.
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