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I seem to have developed a luteal ovarian cyst the past 2 cycles in my right ovary and am looking for ways other than birth control pills to treat it. This is a cyst that appears during the luteal phase of the cycle (in between ovulation and first day of period, with the pain getting worse a day or two before period starts). It tends to delay my period a day or two as well. I had an ultrasound which showed nothing to be wrong with the ovary; however, the ultrasound technician mentioned that because the ultrasound was performed after my period was over (i.e. not in the luteal part of my cycle), it most likely went down in size (only to return after ovulation the following month).

Since I gave birth, I do get cramps for a few hours when I ovulate (and can even tell which side I'm ovulating from)... but with the cyst, the cramps (one-sided) go on for days, getting worse just before my period starts. Oddly, for 4 months in a row I ovulated on the left side... then suddenly I ovulated on the right and that's when the problem started.

Christiane Northrup's book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom does have some helpful information on luteal cysts. I have a sinking suspicion my diet has put me out of balance. I have been trying to conceive this year, and seem unable (whereas before I used to have no problem getting pregnant).

Anyone else encounter this problem? How have you dealt with it?

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