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Need help with prefolds

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My daughter is quickly outgrowing her prefolds (Currently we are using the Indian Combed Cotton in a premium size). Now...I'm thinking I'm going to go with premium sized cpf's for now until I can get my hands on the toddler sized Indian Combed Cottons....

My questions are this...I know the Indian pfs run a bit smaller - does anyone know how much difference there is between them and the premium sized cpf's though? Would it be a waste for me to get the premium cpf's?
I can use Taylor's toddler sized cpf's on Emily but they are still just too bulky and I'd like a slimmer fit if I could get it - the problem with the Indian pf's is that they are too narrow around the hips - fine in the length though. after all that rambling
...what would you do in this situation?
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Nevermind... lol Got the toddler sized Indian's
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Can you snappi indian pfs? I can't remember what the ladies have said... I wanna sell off my DSQs for either CPFs or IPFs.
I use both pins and snappi's with my indians...both work great
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I have the premium IPFs too and love
them! Where did you get the toddler size?
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I almost missed them because I didn't notice them in the item description. I talked to Teresa through emails this morning and she pointed it out to me. Just let her know when you pay that it is the Indian prefolds that you want.
Oh...I also asked her about measurements on the indians (larges vs. toddlers) and here's the info she gave me for that...

"After the initial washings, the toddlers are about 16
x 20 and the larges are about 13 x 18 inches. "

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