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Need help with Starter set

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Hi experienced CDing Mamas! I'm in need of some assistance. My DS is currently in sposies and I'd like to try CDing but am afraid about caring for them. MY DH is a frugal sort, and we only do wash after 11PM or on weekends. Not sure if that will affect how they will wear and how they would be treated. Also, may affect how many I would need since I prefer weekend laundry as opposed to late night.

Can anyone suggest where to get a starter kit (maybe including what you wash/treat them with)? I'd like the easiest kind, so maybe an AIO? If a WAHM would do this, that would be even better!!

Suggestions, directions, guidance? My DS is almost 3 mos and is just over 15 pounds.

TIA everyone and I'm hoping I can start this really soon and then join the CD tribe!! LOL

FWIW, I have the 2 diapers and have no idea if they are ready to use or if I need something else to go with them...
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It really doesn't matter what time you wash you're diapers. You just need to stay awake long enough to do a rise, then wash them in hot, then stick them in the dryer.
Just be sure to use a detergent without dyes and junk (I just use Purex Free and Clear)
Really, caring for them isn't as tough as it's made out to be. If I were you, I'd either do AIOs or pockets for the easiness factor.

There are lots of packages out there, but sometimes it's about the same price to get non-package items on sale.
I know that the new Wonderworks diapers have just come out (previously Wonderoos) and lots of people are liking them.
I like Cloth Thoughts diapers (they're pockets) and there's a sale on the instock right now.

There are lots of fun options to try.
ENJOY cloth diapering. Don't let it stress you out.
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i always wash mine twice before your late night washing maybe kinda difficult. Weekend laundry would mean a whole lot more dipes...think 12 a day atleast times 5 72 dipes.

I have 24 dipes and i wash daily.
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