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Our house has a nice-sized backyard with raised beds all around that the prior owner obviously loved -- there are some nice things that bloom in there but I have no idea what they are.

Can anyone recommend a Field Guide kind of book that I can use to start identifying things? I kind of enjoy weeding, since that's about all the gardening I know how to do at present, but have no idea what's what.

Also, we have a lot (I mean, a LOT) of dandelions in our grass and there are more every year. I've been trying to dig them out by hand but the yard is just too big and it seems like an exercise in futility anyway. There are also some thistle plants, and some little things that are kind of spiky so they hurt if the kids step on them with bare feet. I really don't want to do a "weed and feed" kind of thing, but what can I do? I'm not too terribly hung up on how the lawn looks, but I'd like it to look kind of decent and be comfortable to walk and play on. Thanks!

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Corn gluten meal is an organic weed & feed. It has to be spread early in the spring. It's a pre-emergent. It will also help if you have grubs.

There is a book, but have never read it: Field Guide to Weeds by Lawrence J Crockett.

Otherwise, I'm of no use.
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