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Need ideas for activities/groups for 7 yr old in Kennesaw area/Georgia

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After another rough night I am in need of some advice. We are moving to Kennesaw Georgia next week, and my 7 year old daughter is having a really tough time with the move. She's been having nightmares, so last night we sat up and talked about what she's afraid of in moving. She's a very sensitive child who bonds deeply with others. She's having a tough time with the idea of leaving her friends here, and is worried she won't have friends when we move (which I know won't happen, but can undertsand her fear). We aren't sure if she will go into school there for the remainder of the year, because she needs time to adjust to all of the other changes with the move.

So I am looking for some activities and or playgroups in the Kennesaw area so she can meet children her age and also maybe like her (vegetarian, animal activist, compassionate, etc). Any ideas?? Thanks!
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I have a son that will be 7 in August! We would love to have a playdate when you guys arrive! We are only about 10-15 minutes from Kennesaw!
I have a 7 yr old DD(as well as an 8 yr old and 3 yr old). We are always looking for new friends.
I have been seeking out homeschool playgroups mostly, but there are a few of us MDC moms in Marietta that got together and will hopefully start getting together again since the weather is improving.

It was really hard on my girls to leave their friends and family behind when we moved up here almost 2 yrs ago. I completely understand how sad she must be.
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That sounds wonderful! I know it would help her tremendously to meet some children her age once we got down there. I will PM both of you shortly!
My middle DD will be 7 in July. We would love to make more friends. We're in Acworth. You may be interested in the Cobb Co. Chapter of Holistic Moms Network. I'm a co-leader. We have playgroups, monthly chapter meeting, a book club, and family outings. Check it out!
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