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Need ideas on book

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Can anyone help me?

I attend an annual hospital community baby shower a few hours from my home with a NOCIRC table, providing all sorts of info. We need to provide a gift worth approximately 30-40 dollars, which instead of NOCIRC purchasing, I provide myself. The last few years I have given a baby wipe warmer and wipes along with miscellaneous other baby items. I have heard somewhere that these may grow bacteria so this year I'd like to give something different.

I would like to provide a baby book that provides a anti-circumcision viewpoint but would still have general infant care infomation. Nothing radical or out of the mainstream too much, if you kwim. Pictures of an intact baby would be a plus.

I'd appreciate anybody's recommendations~

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I wouldn't call it 'mainstream', necessarily. It's certainly not, "What to Expect When You're Expecting"...but I love love love "The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Childbirth" by Sheila Kitzinger. It is full of beautiful photography and the information on circumcision very much leans towared leaving your baby whole. There *IS* a picture of an intact newborn on page 374, where it's explaining how babies are measured, weighed, and tested for hip dislocation. There are *NO* pictures of circumcised babies/penises.

The circumcision information is on pg. 379 and includes:

"Circumcision is an unnecessary operation. It can be dangerous, too. It may result in excessive bleeding or infection. Sometimes the penis is damaged irreparably. Some babies have to be rushed to an intensive care unit because of complications. Occasionally a baby dies."


"Newborn babies feel pain. In fact, they may feel it more acutely than adults. An adult knows that the pain caused by an operation will end. A baby cannot know this. Amputation of the foreskin, even if it is done with local anesthetic, is an intensely painful and traumatic procedure. It is true that some babies do not cry during circumcision. They are too deeply shocked to do so. Instead they withdraw. Whether a baby cries inconsolably or is overwhelmed by shock, he as a raw and painful scar afterward. He is often so distressed that there are feeding problems, and a woman who longed to breastfeed may be unable to do so..."

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How about Mothering's Having a Baby Naturally? Also good on anti-circ and on natural pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding overall.
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