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We traveled to an isolated area that had lots of fruits and vegetables, so most of our problems were taken care of. But I brought along some of Dd's favorites for heavier meals: pasta, jars of almond butter, both raw and roasted, oatmeal (she likes oatmeal with raw almond butter mixed in - I started doing this instead of soymilk because it's easier to travel that way). I brought a jar of cocount oil for cooking but could have brought organic ghee; neither one needs refrigeration. She also likes brewer's yeast and nuts. We had some really good stir fries. I got whole wheat flour and baked bread. I brought my own yeast because I was warned you had to buy it bulk where we were going. I got organic raw milk and could have made yogurt if I'd had a better temperature controlled place to put it - instead I ended up making ricotta-like cheese by accident, and using the really failed yogurt (ie sour milk) in the bread.
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