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Well, usually I am good at buying only what we are going to eat for the week... but once in a while I pick something up that is on special, or separate a family portion into smaller portions and then forget to put it into the next weeks meal plan..
Anyways... Now I have tons of frozen meats in the freezer downstairs and I want to use them all up...
This is the perfect time for me also because #3 will be here in November and I am the only one that cooks in the house so I want to freeze a lot of meals and I have a tight budget...

So... Here is what I have...

Small roast Beef
Large Blade roast
Small Blade roast
Ground Beef
French Steaks (good for sandwiches)
3 Large Steaks

Very Large Pork loin
2 small pork loins
Italian Sausages (about 10)
Pork Roast (butt)
Small Pork roast

whole Turkey
2 chicken Carcass
Chicken Breasts (bone in)
Chicken Thighs (bone in)

I was thinking about using the large blade roast to make burrito filling and make some burritos, I would like to make a chili and a few servings of spaghetti sauce, cut the large pork loin into chops and cubes (to marinate for souvlaki brochettes) etc... I was thinking also of a few turkey/chicken pot pies..

but I am running out of ideas of what to do...

I know some people will say casseroles but all of the casseroles that I have tried have had very mild flavours that I don't like.. (I have to admit that I have not tried many casseroles and have never made one) I also don't have any pans that I could separate with for a the time that it is in the freezer.

So what would you do with all of this? I really want things that I can freeze so that I have less work when the babe comes...

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If you make a "casserole" you can take it out of the pan after it's frozen and either wrap or store in freezer bags, thereby freeing up your pan again. When the time comes to cook the casserole, if you froze it unbaked, you can take it out of the packaging and pop it right back into the pan you originally froze it in.

Here are some ideas. All of these things could be prepared and frozen, and lots of them can then be combined with fresh noodles, or rice, or vegetables. So it's not so casserole-ish. HTH!

meatballs (with sausage and beef if so desired)
beef stew/soup
chile verde (with the pork)
chicken (or beef) enchiladas
chicken dijon
chicken cacciatore
chicken or beef curry (Indian or Thai style -- add veggies later, when thawed)
chicken or turkey tetrazzini
chicken or beef stroganoff
chicken soup
Italian wedding soup (with chicken and mini meatballs)
chicken (or turkey) and dumplings/biscuits (same filling as for pot pie)
grind some of the turkey and use in place of/with ground beef
beef or chicken fajitas (wrap individually, as you would burritos)
white chili with the chicken or turkey
calzones/pizzas (if you like meats on your pizzas) or homemade hot pockets

You can always cook up some of the roasts, or chicken, or pork, in the crockpot with barbecue sauce for sandwiches, or salsa for tacos/burritos/etc., or beef for french dip or kimmelweck sandwiches. Cooked chicken and turkey freeze well as is, too -- so you could cook it and use it later for salads or sandwiches.

Does that help?
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