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Need info ASAP on Yeast Infections!!!!

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: My doctor called today to let me know they found moderate levels of yeast from my swabs last week...they told me I didn't really need to treat it yet unless it was bothering me a lot so I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to prevent it from getting worse/treat it without medications. We picked up some cranberry juice and yoghurt and I'll start drinking more water...are there any kinds of foods I should avoid at all? Does yoghurt lose it's culture if it's frozen? Can my husband get this from me via sex/oral sex?
We just really have no idea about any of this and I'd like to avoid using cream if I have to. Please help me.
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It doesn't sound like a bad one, which makes it easier to get rid of. I would cut out all sugars and empty carbs, there is a whole yeast-free diet you could look into if it gets worse. I would eat a lot of plain yogurt and take some acidophilus (from a health food store, keep refridgerated). I am not sure if freezing kills the good stuff in yogurt or not. You can also use yogurt externally if you feel itchy. You can pass it to your partner so you may want to give him some as well. If that doesn't clear it up there are lots more remedies to try.
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