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I am trying to find information that proves that cloth diapers are just as sanitary, if not more sanitary, than disposable diapers.

The background:

I am a military wife, living in Germany. Since I'm a SAHM, I rarely make use of the childcare provided by the military.

However, I have an appointment scheduled for next week, and so need a babysitter for 2 hours. I called the FCC and get DD scheduled for care. I then mentioned that I use cloth diapers, and was told that I have to buy a package of disposable diapers for DD to be in for the whole 2 hours she's going to be at the sitter's.

That's just dumb. I don't even know what size she wears, and why am I gonna spend $10 on a package of diapers that she'll only use 2???

I asked why, and was told that cloth diapers are unsanitary.

I KNOW that they are thinking prefold, which is not the kind I use - I use Swaddlebees...what could be easier? Well, okay, an AIO, but anyway.

It's not like I'm asking them to wash my diapers - heck, I don't trust them to wash my diapers!!! All they have to do is put the dirty diaper into a plastic bag - the same that they would do with a disposable diaper!

Anyway, tomorrow is an FRG meeting, and the woman in charge of our FCC will be there as the guest speaker. I ordinarily avoid these meetings like the plague, but I can't help but realize that this is a fabulous opportunity to educate some people about the advances in cloth diapering.

So, yeah...anyone have mind-boggling info that'll just blow 'em away and prove what fools they're being about disposable v. cloth diapers?
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