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Need lots of advice on starting cloth diapers

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Ok guys I need some advice and lots of it....

I am intersted in starting to use cloth diapers but I don't know where to start.
My goal is to be a SAHM/ go to school, by next spring but I can't afford to right now. We have taken steps to get there but it is a slow process. I am selling my car to get something cheaper and have a smaller payment, I have started selling Mary Kay in hopes to make some cash there, we have tried to cut down on spending money and dp has applied for a higher position at work...oh and he is selling his precious motorcycle...woo hoo...

Anyway, we spend about $50.00 a month in diapers and that would help us out a lot. He is not to keen on the idea of using cloth diapers but maybe once he sees we can save money he will be. I just don't know if I can afford a lot of cloth diapers up front. I don't know anything about them...PERIOD, so I don't know which ones are best. I have looked some on line but it is so overwhelming sometimes. I would like to know what the best to use are, how you find time to wash so much and if there are places I can get them kinda cheap at first. My life is so hectic right now and I hate being away from my son. I am looking for any way to save money because that means the less I have to work and more time I spend with him. He is almost 4 months old and getting to the age of discovery and I don't want to miss things. I am the only one that does things around the house, no matter how much I ask. I have to clean on my days off then I feel guilty because I didn't spend all that time with ds. I am the only one that does laundry...ok he did it the other day, but only because he ran out of underwear...ha ha. I am sooooo tired all the time. My doc thinks I have chronic fatigue and a touch of PPD but she said she can't really put me on any meds because I am bf, she is very supportive of that and understands that is more important to me right now. She did tell me that she could give me something to take as a "chill pill" every once in a while but she didn't want to start me on a routine med. that I have poured out my heart to you guys...any suggestions? TIA

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Good luck on the SAHM thing! My husband is a SAHD and I love it.

If you want to go really cheap, you could get 2 doz prefolds and 6 covers for under $100. That's only 2 months of disposables!

Prefolds are also good because they don't require any special laundering instructions. They require folding (either trifolding like this or folding with pins or snappis) so they seem "scarier" than some of the other kinds, but they're cheap and you can get started with those.

If you have a little more money to spend, you can try pockets. Pockets are stuffed with an insert and have snaps or velcro, so they're easier to use. But they are a little more expensive (usually $15 or more per diaper), and they are a teensy bit higher maintenance than prefolds. If you want pockets but can't afford them, you can buy them used.

We're using a mix of prefolds and pockets, and even though it's cost us more than $100 for diapers, I think it will still be cheaper than disposables.

Check out the rest of the diaperpages website (the above link) for more information on different kinds of diapers.
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First of all- good for you for wanting to do cloth!
It's so much better for the baby & for the environment.

Check out: Tons of awesome advice there!

Like the PP said...the cheapest option is prefolds (or flats) & PUL covers.
The easier (but more expensive) choice would be pockets with inserts or fitteds & covers.

There are lots of places to buy gently used... or the Trading Post here. Lots of the online retailers offer package deals, too. Like
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Congrats on wanting to switch to cloth! There are so many benefits to using cloth diapers, and it's super satisfying and fun. Prefolds and covers are definitely the cheapest option, and imo, just as easy. I don't really cloth diaper for $$ reasons, but I still choose prefolds for the bulk of our stash just because I love them and find them to be the most hassle free option. Imo, pockets and aios may be quicker to put on, but they are not easier to care for, imo. I've had problems here and there with fit or leaking issues with pocket diapers and aios, whereas a prefold and a good cover have never, ever let me down, not in 8 1/2yrs of using cloth. I can't think of one aio or pocket(and I've tried a lot) that I haven't had at least some problem with at least once, whether it was poor fit or leaks or not holding up in the wash. I like them for occasional use, like for sitters or the diaper bag, but having them for the majority of my stash would be a nightmare to me. Prefolds are SO simple and easy to take care of. They're versatile too. You can simply trifold and lay into a velcro wrap, or snappi, or pin, and there are tons of different folds you can try. I can honestly pin or snappi on a prefold just as quick as snapping on a fitted, and trifolding is even quicker but tends to get the covers more messy.

I haven't ordered from this place, but I see it recommended a lot and it's the cheapest I've seen:

Best of luck!
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