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need midwife perspective...

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I'm a very frustrated momma to 3 kiddos..and I suffer from "birth trauma"
as you can guess due to my 3 unnecessary c-sections..

my question to you ladies is, how "unreal" is it, how "unreachable" or how crazy, does the idea of a VBA3C sound to you??

Medically speaking, how dangerous is a vaginal birth after three cesareans, that is not induced, that is not augmented?? just letting things flow...??

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There use to be a doc in California who would do vbacs even for multiple surgeries--- I don't know in my state it is not allowed for LMs to do hbacs and even the CNMs who could do it are controlled by their back-up docs and can't even do them after 1c so it would be a hard sift to find someone who would care for you--- get ahold of the folks at the farm, see what they have to say.

I think that the vbac post 3 is a very small population if existent and so the success and rupture rates would not be studied at all...
Wanting a VBA3C is not crazy -- the obstacles are mostly political. There isn't much research to assist you. Find a supportive care provider and work through your local constraints and see what is possible, or consider another locale where you can get the support you need. Good luck Mama!
I've been told that there are a doctor or two in my area (surprise-surprise...) who would do it. I guess you just have to look...maybe network a little in the birthing community to find out whether anybody knows somebody...
there is a very kind, knowledgeable midwife, Barb Herrera, in San Diego, who helps women with birth trauma. I would recommend that you contact her, in addition to looking for a VBAC knowledgeable doc/midwife. Barb is a member here on MDC, her user name is navelgazingmidwife.
I think it's very important to know why you had the previous c-sections. Doctors should be following up on these things for future pregnancies for Mamas. You want to know if they were necessary. If they were for the typical things like failure to progress, time restraint, fetal distress induced from augemented have an excellent chance of giving birth vaginally. Do contact ICAN they have wonderful resources.

Good luck.
I know it's mostly political, I've been told a couple of times by ladies that research a lot that the greatest increase in risk is going from a vbac to a
vba2c...but although it wasn't researched enough the risk from a vba2c to a vba3c is not that much greater...then I've heard doctors that say that it is about 1% per c/s...(which sounds too high for me)...then again they use scare tactics..

I'm from the Miami area, where basically it is 0 to nothing pro-vbac..I know of this place that they take upto 2 cesareans...but they cannot do 3 because their doctor won't back them up. So that's out of the question, Miami, is completely out of the question...I would definitely have to go elsewhere, the problem is I don't have any relatives outside of Miami, and it's super hard to even begin to search somewhere else, especially since I don't have the slightest idea of where to start or how to contact these places...kwim??

the reason for my first c/s was because after a 24 hour labor in a hospital setting, fully dialated, my dd wouldn't descend past a -2 station supposedly, and the position of her face wasn't letting her come down, however, I was flat on my back these whole 24 hours, not allowed to walk around or move around, so I'm sure gravity would have helped...I pushed a little but nothing would happen according to them so they decided to slice me..
The second and third c/sections were basically done because I was coerced into them through scare tactics and stupid me fell for them..(plus everyone surrounding me was pressuring me, no support whatsoever...)

I'm not even pregnant, but although dh and I want a fourth child I don't want to get pregnant unless I have a different plan this time around...thanks again for taking the time..
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You sound very level headed and willing to educate yourself and become an informed consumer. Way to go! I'm saddened by the current trend to not allow women the choice. I don't believe it's the choice of the hospital, the doctor and for sure not the insurance provider. How do you feel about homebirth? I know midwives will provide care and do VBACs and offen don't have the support of backup doctors. I'm expecting to see the decline in OBs supporting Midwives or providing backup due to the current political climate of things. So you can try it at home with a very skilled and competent Midwife and if you need medical assistance you can transport to the hospital setting and get it. No one needs to ask the OBs permission to birth their babies the way they want to birth their babies.
here is a web site that might help further your search for a care provider.
there are lists of states and info about them -like hostile or friendly practioners and also c-section rates of different hospitals
yes zoo loo I have thought about homebirth, it was actually the way I wanted to go for my third baby, but dh was freaked out and we lived far from the hospital, so I knew in my heart eventually he would've started to freak me out too...

I don't know what's the best time to wait in between first three where pretty much back to back, the first two 18 months apart and between the second and third 2 years exactly...

my third baby is now almost 14 months, but I feel I'm not ready for another pregnancy just yet because I need to heal, mostly emotionally..I don't think I would be ready to face another cesarean, so I rather not even go there...that's why when I get pregnant again I want to be super confident to the point that if I receive negativity from people surrounding me I could just simply wipe my you know what with it!! :LOL

thank you for the websites, I'm gonna look into them...and I'm also going to look into homebirth, because deep down inside I know that's probably going to be the only way I could do it, by the time I get pregnant again...
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