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Need Milk?

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I know someone who is currently breastfeeding an infant with food allergies. She was pumping every day (2-4oz) a day and freezing it. Then she found out that her baby was allergic to dairy. So now she has about 19 2-4oz bags of breastmilk that she cannot use. We all know how valuable breastmilk is and she didn't want to throw it out before offering it to someone who may need or want it. She is only taking prenatals and Omega-3 (fish oils for DHA & EPA). She is a non drinker, non smoker with a 3 month old (just to give you and idea of how mature her milk is). If you or anyone you know is interested it is not for sale, but simply a gesture of kindness to anyone who wants it. You can e-mail her at Tara @
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gosh, I wish this had happened when our oldest baby was born a year ago. We adopted her at birth and I induced lactation, but it took a while before I had any milk. She really struggled with constipation from formula until I had some milk.

I would suggest that you post this on the adoptive nursing board I used to be on. Here's a link:

I'm sure someone there will be very grateful for that offer!!!


Thank you so much, I will post there!
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