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I have the following items FSOT.

All items are in EC, unless otherwise noted.

All items INCLUDE shipping, unless otherwise stated. (First Class only, insurance is extra, and the buyer's responsibility!)

We are a non-smoking, no pet home.

3 Bellies and Buns- Hemp Fitted- SS, Large- $9.00ppd (ea)

Tan colored thread

2 Fuzzi Bunz - XL $12.00ppd (ea)

1 Pink, 1 Mauve

Kissaluv Size 2- $7.00ppd (Natural)

Liz's Cloth Size 1, Pink/purple inner $7.00ppd

Stacinator Wild Thing, 2 ply- Medium $15.00ppd

Sugarpeas Lavender Wool- Medium $20.00ppd

3 Sugarpeas Snap-Ins- Medium $10.00ppd (ea)

Zootkitty AIO- Medium $10.00ppd

This is a BOY PRINT!

Ice Star- S, M or L (Gotta try)
Kissaluvs Size 0 GN Colors *These are for a friend - not me!*
Fuzzi Bunz, Size Small- Colors Pointy tabs, in EC ONLY! please.. TY

For the kiddos
ROBEEZ= 6-12mth Ladybug
PJ's -
Size 8 boy, Size 8 girl (Prefer Children's Place, Gap, Old Navy or Hanna PJ's)

Church Dresses- WINTERY, (EC only please)
Size 7 Girl, Size 12-18mth Girl

Gameboy Advance (OR if you have one to sell, PM me! Any color but pink)

DVD's for Kids (Disney, Baby Einstein, etc.. PM me)

DVD's in Spanish for the kid's.

Momma Stuff
Nursing Dresses- 3x

For DH
Obsession Cologne
Lowrider ARTE magazines (OR PM me if you have some and want to sell!)
DVD's in Spanish (Adults movies)

Soy Candle Making Supplies- Wax, Wicks, Oils (Prefer fruity scents)
Snap Press - Resin Snaps
Baking Stones- Pie Plate, 8x8, 9x9, 10x13
Norelco HAIR clippers (NOT the beard/mustache kind)

Gift Certificates

[email protected]
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