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Not all butter is better. Organic butter made from free grazing dairy cows is the better butter to use. Organic free grazing cows get most of their nutrition from the grasses which are loaded in omega-3 fats, thus their milk fat produces a more omega balanced fat which is better for you. Non organic butter is higher in omega-6 fatty acids which are overconsumed and cause most of the health problems. However, butter is still a saturated fat and should not be overconsumed. We need saturated fats, but in moderation. 20% of olive oil turns into a saturated fat when consumed. It's a better choice fat, but again it still should not be overconsumed.

Both fats are a natural fat which is always a better choice than a man-made over processed fat. You should look for a first pressed olive oil which means less processing and better for you. Your body digests natural foods better than processed foods. Natural is always a better choice.

I have no links, just a wealth of information stuffed into my head from all the research I have done in the last year.
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