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I have never been so nerved up and passionately frustrated as I have since the birth of my daughter. I find myself pissed off at the world on a daily basis. We are all here because we were conceived yet little of this wisdom is past on in Western society. For example: no one told me how difficult it would be to breast feed. All of the books spoke about the importance of putting the baby to the breast right after the birth. These books made it sound like all I had to do for my child to eat was put her to the breast after she was delivered. That did not work for us. The problem is that so many of us rely solely on books as our teachers rather than those before or around us.

Not only have we as a society been removed from the natural processes of life and experiences we separate ourselves from each other. We live in a society where people do not know their neighbors, spare time is spent on the cell phone and we surround ourselves with people who look like us. I see a need to exchange our views with each other than distance ourselves from those who differ from ourselves.

My experiences are leading me to create Legacy, a zine, which will be a nuturing outlet for mamas of different backgrounds to share their experiences with each other. We are each others teachers. I am accepting submissions of people's personal stories and wisdom regarding their preparation for labor, did you feel prepared, what were you afraid off, were their any surprises, is there any advice for expectant mamas etc. for the first issue. I am super excited to be putting this together and hope to be able to get to a bunch of different themes. Submissions or queries can be emailed to [email protected]
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