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Need Nap Help

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I'm going to be helping a friend by watching her DS in their home for the next 3 weeks 2-3 days a week. My problem is that they are a year apart and her child is on a completely different nap schedule. DS only goes down for a nap if I lie down next to him. This week to get him used to sleeping in a packnplay I've let him nurse himself to sleep on my lap and transition him to the packnplay and he wakes up screaming. I won't be able to lie down to nurse him where I'll be because I'll be watching a VERY ACTIVE 18 month old. The alternative is to just not have him nap, but then I'll be dealing with a very cranky 6 month old.

Also, my friend lets her child CIO at every naptime, but this is not an option for me. I'm doing her a favor so if he doesn't get his nap because I wouldn't let him cry, I'm sure she'll be fine, but then we'll BOTH have cranky children on our hands.

Any suggestions?
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Would your DS go to sleep in a sling? That might allow you a bit more time. Is the 18 month old nap later than your DS? You could try putting DS in sling and if still awake when the other goes down, then you would maybe be able to lie down with DS and nurse to sleep.
He hates the sling - he's 22 lbs and 6 months and very wiggly and combersome to carry. Maybe I can push off his nap and try that. Hopefully the other one will go right to sleep??
Would the toddler fall asleep in a stroller? Does your baby like the stroller? I recently had a friend's baby in my home a few days a week for about a month and we got a double stroller from freecycle within a day of asking for it!

Well darn it...I was gonna suggest a sling for the infant as well. The toddler will most likely nap if you ly him in his bed and then sit beside his bed and pat his back or rub his back..something soothing. Your baby can nurse while you do so. I have a 2 yo and a 6wk old and I manage them everyday. Took me a month to get the hang of it and now it's fine. I just ly my 2 yo down and soothe her to sleep and I bring my baby in with me everytime in case she wakes up and I need to care for her, if I leave her out of the room while I am putting my 2 yo to bed then once the baby wakes up I have to start all over again. Good Luck!!
I have a friend that cares for two children two days a week -- hers is one year and the other is 15 months. She has two carseats in her car and takes them both for about an hour car ride and gets them to nap at once. She's lucky because they don't mind being in the car... might be an option for you, but you'd have to borrow a carseat for your friend's DS.
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