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Need NB dipes? Look at all these cute prints in size 0...

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I love fairies and that one is kind of boyish! I can't get it though ($$$)
I so want to be pregnant again so that I can get some of these oh so cute bitty baby diapers!!!
Didn't anyone else have a problem with the $8.50 shipping?
Those are so cute! I am very tempted. Good thing you said the shipping was $8.50. You stopped me! LOL
Oh, that shipping is Canadian, so works out to $6.81, but still on the high side for flat rate shipping.
I hope it's ok to post this but I just wanted to correct the shipping info. I've just changed the shipping from flat rate to actual shipping. Just wanted to clear that up.
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My post sounded pretty witchy. I'm sorry.
I need to change my sig so people know its pregnancy hormones.... LOL
I just bought 2! The batik size 1, and the pixie size 0.
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how can i know what canadian vs us prices are?
go here and it tells you automatically how much your purchase will cost in american $$$. should be a good deal though. paypal may be a little teeny bit different but not much.
How cute!
I just love her prints!
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I just got a purple and blue wool soaker and a fitted in the baby fairies print and they are sooo cute! They're very well made and honestly, quite reasonably priced for such high quality. I don't think the shipping is too much considering it's coming all the way from Canada! But, paying actual shipping is nice too.
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