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Need new ideas for how to play with my 8 mo. old baby

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Help! I'm stumped for seems like peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake have lost their thrill. (That was a bit of an exaggeration, we DO play other games!)

I'd love some developmentally-friendly games, songs, or activities I can do to enrich his life.

Any child development mamas out there?
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In no particular order:

simple puzzles (they are good at taking the pieces out- ones with big knobs...)
singing songs (esp with hand motions)
playing with food (FWIW sweet potato works well as fingerpaint on a tray...)
water play (a dripping faucet in the tub is FUN!)
books (board books that they can't hurt)
blocks (build towers for baby to knock over)
name body parts (this is baby's nose, this is mamma's nose, can you touch mamma's nose, while demonstrating)
things that make noise- coffee cans, keys, spoons, buckets
puppets (simple and handmade or nice ones)

hope that helps!

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My dd2- now almost a year- likes put and take activities(put a toy inside a measuring cup, they take it out and put it back in). She also really started to enjoy looking at books about a month ago. She loves to play a kazoo and bang on her sister's drum!

Have fun~
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I just let ds go. He doesn't seem to care to interact much in playing. I have a bunch of stuff and let him go for it. It feels weird sometimes but he let's me know when he needs me and he definitely let's me know when he doesn't.
hmmmm. well you could let your dc take apart the thing that holds the screen door to the frame! That's what *my* son did this morning when my mom was in the bathroom! lol (that's how fast he's gotten, 2.5 seconds to get into trouble!) :LOL

In all seriousness now ds likes crawling chasing the cats. He likes to play 'screech contest' where I screech back at him LOL. (when he's doing the play-screech thing, it's cute.
) There's always the bathtub, ds loves to get in there and play with bath toys. Books. He *loves* to have somebody hold him standing up and jump. He also likes being 'superbaby' getting 'flown' around.
Tickling is fun. Oh and he goes 'pppbbbbbbt' to whatever I say now LOL and likes it when I do it back.
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Great ideas! My guys favorite thing to do is try to "catch" big brother and sister. He is actually pretty fast on all fours!
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Charlie loved measuring cups and spoons, and wooden spoons. She loves to bash things with that may work. Also, how about rolling a ball to and fro - have you tried that? We also blow bubbles and let Charlie try to catch them - this works if she is getting really cranky before dinner! You've had some great suggestions though...I'm going to go try some out now!
David loves it when I stack the blocks up and he makes them fall. He love peek-a-boo and he loves chasing me around the house.
A cat... the great attention getter
A barking dog... quite funny apparently
A dog playing fetch
Singing songs and dancing
Shaking rattles to a song
Banging sticks to a song
Climbing all over me
Coming really close... going far away (especially with a big smile)
Rockin' rollin' liitle ball
Going for walks in the sling
DD is just 9 months and enjoys (in no particular order):

pulling up on things to allow her to stand
practicing walking while holding onto someone's hands
banging toys together to make sounds
exploring new objects (kitchens are great for this)
trying to pull up on the dog; trying to eat the dog's tail
dumping toys out of their storage totes
"talking" with folks
going on walks
playing in the wood chips near our garden
watching me water the herbs
watching other kids - especially toddlers - play
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If you're still in need of ideas, there's a book called Baby Play by Wendy Masai and Roni Leiderman with lots of developmentally appropriate activities for babies. It's published by Gymboree.

There's also a book called Rookie Dads by Susan Fox with some fun activites my husband has used with DD. It's written for dads, but moms can play too!
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i thought i'd never run out of ideas, but if i'm tired or sick, honestly my brain fogs out. so i use Sesame Street's baby site. their activity center is set up by age group, and then cognitive, physical, social and emotional play. i printed it out and put it in one of those plastic page protectors. i don't usually need it, but when i do, it is wonderful!! i read a few ideas and then it sparks off all sorts of other ideas.

i also have 2 sets of Baby Einstein cards. it says they're for 9 months and up, but Willow loves them. they're heavy cardstock, bright pictures, and concepts she's familiar with (like cat, or banana) so she gets excited. i lay out an entire deck on the floor, then pick 5 or 6 at random, shuffle them, and then make up a story using them. so they're great for "story starters"
one day, there was a clown who lived in a house made of pizza and he liked to eat bananas and he kept a cow and a giraffe as a pet :LOL
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Would the book Slow and Steady Get me Ready work in this situation? I have a book called Games to Play with Baby that goes in stages. You might see if you can find a used copy.

I LOVE the idea with the picture cards! I'm totally going to try that when DD wakes up from her nap! Thanks!
Meli that Sesame Street link was a good one. Thanks
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Your tips were so helpful! I feel like a better momma to ds...thank you!!
I have a great book that a friend of mine gave to me called Seven Times the Sun by Shea Darian. It guides you and your little one through the day, from saluting the morning to going to sleep. It has songs, games & ideas for play as well as meditations for parents to assist in a strong family bond.

It also gives great suggestions for books to read and great resources for everything from books to homeschooling to natural products and toys.
Wow. Great ideas!

My daughter's just a week over 8 months old and we've been scrambling for some new stimulation as she's been teething.

For the summer heat blahs, I made some ice cubes with strings frozen in them, and she plays with them in the tub like they're little boats. (Or outside on the grass.)

Inside voice/outside voice games have become a big hit. She screeches, I whisper, she whispers, she forgets and screeches again.

Banging. Her dadoo has a djembe and has been teaching her how to drum. Now she drums on everything. I've been teaching her that the floor is good for drumming, the books are good for drumming, the table is good for drumming, Mama is *not* good for drumming, the cats are *not* good for drumming....

This side/that side guessing games. I don't know if it's an early form of object permanance or pattern forming, but she loves it when I hide behind, say, the coffetable and pop my head up over alternating sides while she tries to guess which side I'll show up on.

Play silks. She LOVES to play peek-a-boo by pulling the silk off her face *all by herself* (this is very important to her); we make wind-waves with the silk, hide toys under it, hide the kitty cat, play tug-of-war (she holds on to one end, I hold on to the other, and she tries to pull herself up to standing), etc.

Mama to Qualia, 8 months
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