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No need to see another Dr., you already know your baby has an ear infection, simply follow the natural protocol and it should clear up very soon;

Ear Drops. We like the ones from Wild Oats, they have St. John's
Wort Flowers, Mullien Flowers, Arnica Montsna Flowers, Coptis Root,
and Garlic, but my grandmother simply used olive oil - warm the oil
to body temperature (we fill the dropper and place it in a half glass
of very warm water for a few minutes). Have the child lie on one
side, and put one to three drops into the ear. Be careful not to let
the dropper itself touch the ear. Pull gently on the top portion of
the ear to facilitate the drip into the ear canal. You can also
gently massage behind the ear to help the oil slide into the ear canal.

Warmth. Use a heating pad or a hot water bottle or one of those rice
packs that you microwave, have him lie on it or hold against his ear-
it will ease the pain.

Aromatherapy. Make an aromatherapy ear rub with several drops of
lavender, tea tree oil, and chamomile in 1 ounce of olive oil. Rub
the oil mixture around the outside of the ear and over the lymph
nodes on the side of the neck, or dab a cotton ball in the oil,
gently place it in the ear, and leave it in until the infection is
gone, replacing it with a fresh cotton ball several times a day.

Homeopathy. Chamomilla is good for earaches associated with teething.
Children who need Pulsatilla tend to be weepy, sensitive, and clingy.
Their cheeks will be pale, and there may be a thick, yellow-green
discharge from the nose or the ear. Symptoms often come on gradually,
frequently following a cold. Aconite is for the sudden onset of
earache after a chill.

If you really want to see someone, and you're on a tight budget, I would dish out the $40 or so (they have a sliding scale), and go to NCNM's Natural Health Center and see an ND. Otherwise, I like Dr. Jennifer Gibbons, Dr. Susan Allen, and Dr. (and CNM) Catherine Schaefer.

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Also, we bought our own ototscope from Cascade Supply, as ear infections are easy to diagnose and treat at home, and the last thing we need when baby has an earache is to go sit in a waiting room somewhere and for baby to be examined by a stranger, etc. just because they have the otoscope!
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