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Need nightweaning tips...

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Ok, I know I should count my blessings and be happy that dd does not want to nurse throughout the night at fourteen months, but I would really like to cut it out altogether. She was going straight thru for a while there, then stopped. I am quite certain that she is too young to tell her that "the nursies go night night" etc. She will not let dh put her back to sleep if she wakes at night, period. I do try to make sure that she has eaten a reasonable amount of food during the day, and a snack with protein before bed so that she will not be hungry. I know there are lots of benefits to night nursing after one year and all that, but it would help my attitude about our nursing relationship to be able to night wean. I don't wish to be mean and aggressive about it at all, and if I try and percieve that she really is not ready, I will try again around 18 months. I guess I am interested in hearing your nightweaning stories and suggestions. Thanks!
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Just to be honest, nightweaning can be very difficult! toddlers really really want to do it, so there must be a good reason for it.

Quite often toddlers are too busy to eat enough during the day, so make up for it at night. Or they might just be starting to show interest in solids b/c of food sensitivities and really need milk to sustain them.

Or they may be cutting teeth, molars can be esp hard.

Or they may be light sleepers.

Or they may really love their mommies.

I only actively nightweaned my first that young. I had to give her food in the night for a while. A banana, or a piece of bagel, and a sip cup of water was by our bed.

Do I think I did the right thing by forcing nightweaning? In restrospect, no. We tried a bunch of unnatural nighttime techniques with her and I regretted it and was more laid back with subsequent kids.

If you really need to nightwean for personal reasons, you can. E Pantley's
The No-Cry Sleep Solution is good.

And/or try reading
How Weaning Happens for more ideas and insights.
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Thanks, Daryl! you're probably right. I was seriously wiped out and frazzled when I posted that. In my heart, I know she's not ready to nightwean yet. I'll wait a few more months and rethink it then.
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