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I am so upset, i so need a new ped! Anyone have one in the Findlay ohio area???

nak - ecuse the errors please

sigh...went to the 4 month didnt go good

nurse comes in and says youll be getting prevnar today...i say no...she says is she she have a bad says uhm okkkk....

Dr comes in checks her out and ask about other vaccinations (dh was there too and he knows shes only had prevnar) i say we will be getting other @ health dept...i am spacing them out...

yea he then goes into well she has t have them if she is going to br our patient...i ask can i, we dont seee it as useful....she has to have them...i ask about some other stuff and he says almost all thing you dfind on the internet are wrong... he said have you heard the one about autism and a link w/ was this dr who supposivly found it who is now going to jail...and almost all the people who agreed are now rebutting....blah blah...she could get such and such a disease and be brain damaged and dir...20% cases of blah disease were from unvaccinated kids....and on and on...

so i say well you office hasnt even given me any paperwork on any of these [email protected] one month i was told next month we'll be injecting her with these 5 vacc...i dont like putting anytrhing in her without knowing about it...he says oh you should have got sheets...send me home with their sheets on vacc and a dvd...

he says next visit she has to have gotten some of the vacc or else she acant be a patient...

sigh...dh agrees with them

sigh i just have a problem with all this!!! it just doesnt feel right to me

why oh why do drs have to do this...

they see no other way but theirs...well they believed in bleeding at one time too...they use to give polio vacc drops until they found out it caused polio...they are not perfect...they are not gods!

i at least want to only give her onr shot at a time, but he didnt like that idea...he said too often people dont stick to the schedule

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Sorry, I don't live near you, but if you truely want to delay, you SHOULD find another doc. Try looking up local midwives in the area and see if they have ped. suggestions. Usually like minded people are happy to give you suggestions for practitioners with whom they agree. Good luck. I wouldn't go back at all to the ped you just described. If he doesn't want your money, go spend it somewhere else.
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