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Need pediatrican /family practice in Lowell area

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Looking for pedi or family practice in Lowell area. I posted before but was recommended a doctor that was not covered by my insurance. Need doc who is okay without vax or delayed vax. Also want a doc who supports extended b/f. Any leads would be much appreciated!
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For a good FP, I'd recommend Dr. Mills in Dracut. She's great and very 'enlightened!'
Hi, I think we spoke before over email, but I couldn't find it again. My doula just recommended a practice in Chelmsford that she absolutely loves. Drs. Gilchrist and Sevigny. She says they are very bf friendly and great with her kids. I haven't set up an interview yet, but plan to. My midwives couldn't think of anyone closer than Nashua, so that's too far.
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