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Need problem solving help!

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I'm a relatively new mama, and so a cd'ing novice. We are having a problem so I thought you mamas might be able to help me solve it.

We use fuzzi bunz, and hemparoos. The last few months we've had leaking problems, but when I doubled the hemparoos for night, all was well. So I thought maybe we needed a more absorbent stuffer, so I bought some premium sized CPFs. Now when I put them on her, they leak within 30 minutes. The hemparoos (even doubled) and CPFs. When I take the diaper off, they are barely wet. So, I think there must be some build-up on my FB's. Would you agree with that, or am I missing something? How do you get rid of detergent build-up? We use Purex free and clear, is there something better?
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yep - I would say buildup too. There's lots of diff ways to get rid of build-up. The first step is to strip. You can do several HOT HOT HOT washes with or without a squirt of dawn. peek in the washer and ck for bubbles, when you don't see anymore you've stripped them clean. Some people use baking soda and TTO once they're for no-detergent. SEEPAE did a little experiment on this I believe. Do you use liquid or powder? I use FBs a lot and I found that liquid caused more buildup and repelling. I'm using sportswash now but will prob switch to powder when it runs out. HTH
Personally I buy bulk baking soda and use that- and also dry in the sun.

I think it does sound like build up. but I've enver experienced ti so I don't know...

Originally Posted by Rainbow
Personally I buy bulk baking soda and use that- and also dry in the sun.
You havent had any problems w/buildup? The reason I ask is there was some debate on the baking soda/TTO thread that eventually the bs wouldnt be enuf to cut the fats and body oils accumlated on the dipes. I think someone suggested washing w/det 1 day and then bs/tto for several days after. What is your experiance? How long have you been using bs on your dipes?
I've never had a problem- I think sun drying it a key component though. Not just for stains, but for everything. I also use a splash of vinegar in the rince cycle from time to time.
I do-: one cold rinse just water. Then one cycle in hot with Baking Soda- on the longest aggitation setting we have. Then I line dry them in the sun. Occasionally if it is raining or ice cold I dryer dry them.
oops, sorry- I've used baking soda since I started with cloth 3 years ago (when my oldest was born)I started with prefolds- with those i had to add vinegar or they were stiff. Then I used some WAHM fitteds. Then fuzzibunz for a year or more. Then I started with HH with my youngest, and now WAHM AIO's.
Don't Free and Clear detergents cause buildup on fleece? Or did I dream that...
hmmm...interesting. I've been considering line drying since I use mostly FB and fitteds/wool. I also have stinky hemp issues, so that's a lot of the reason I was considering line drying.

sorry, Annais...back to YOUR question :LOL.

Originally Posted by 2much2luv
Don't Free and Clear detergents cause buildup on fleece? Or did I dream that...
I've always heard that too. Also more natural det too. I have repelling issues when I use bi-o-kleen, but that might be b/c of gse, which I've heard also can cause - the list grows
you'll LOVE line drying if you start- I ADORE line drying. It works better than anything for stains, smells, and all that. I'm trying to figure out how I will line dry once we're renting next week. :LOL My neighbors will surely think I'm a crazy lady with all these diapers out on a line.
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Thanks for the help!
Do you use baking soda instead of detergent?
Sounds like I need to get a clothesline up in our backyard!
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