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Need QUICK advice on SNS!!!

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Does it work???
DD is not putting on weight...only a few ounces over the last two weeks. I'm working with a board certified LC at the Lactation Center, and she wants us to try an SNS starting this afternoon.
Does it work?
Success at returning to breast only?
Thanks in advance!!!
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It can work. With my ds1, we couldn't use it at first b/c he had such a bad latch, he kept spitting the tube out, so we had to fingerfeed to retrain his latch. After we taught him how to suck properly, we moved to the SNS, then he went exclusively to the breast. It's a bit tricky to get the hang of, but well worth it in the long run.

Good luck!
Thanks Michelle!!! I am really hoping for success! I think the LC is going to help me stick it out and make it work, she is great.
The SNS is good. It will get food into the baby while stimulating your breasts to keep producing milk.

Do you know why your daughter is not putting on enough weight? Is it your supply or her suck? If she has suck problems, the sns may not help because the baby has to be able to suck to get the milk out. If the SNS does work and it looks like you might need one for a long time, you might look into the Lact-Aid ( Many of us who have used both prefer the Lact-Aid.

If your supply is low, you can still get domperidone from an internet site called
I ordered from there for almost a year without any problems. Domperidone saved my supply.

If your daughter has suck problems, an occupational therapist might be helpful. Also, Chele Marmet has developed a suck training technique that might help. Chele Marmet is a Lactation Consultant. You may be able to find her via an internet search or your LC may know her suck training technique.

I used it for my first daughter with great success. If I can remember correctly, I had to use it for about a week or two. It was definitely a pain, but worth the effort in the end. It got both of us through a difficult time, and on to BF without a hitch.

The only thing that I would suggest is to make sure that you work with your lactation consultant to keep up your supply. My daughter initially wouldn't take the supplement without the additional use of a sheild, both of which worked against my supply. After using the SNS system, I ended up having to do some extra pumping and taking fenugreek for a few days until I could keep up with demand.

Good luck!
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